Why using Shred Base is the best way to keep your business protected

Securely disposing your confidential waste is more important than ever. Here at Shred Base, we are industry veterans who are dedicated to making sure your confidential documents are collected and destroyed in a timely manner. 

Did you know that in 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented strict rules on how a business deals with and protects all of its confidential information? 

By using Shred Base, your documents will be dealt with securely. In addition, you are not at risk of large fines, your business will have a good public reputation and by using a Shred Base your business will not be placed under investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

An overview of GDPR

  • Businesses have to keep all data secure
  • Businesses have to have a data controller
  • Businesses must disclose what information is being held on people if they would like to know
  • Businesses must recognize that confidential data is now composed of home addresses, email addresses, names, phone numbers, IP addresses and other information
  • Businesses need to report a data breach to the authorities within 72 hours and inform those who are affected directly if serious information is taken
  • Businesses need to recognise that these regulations not only apply to paper documents, but also hard drives and other electronics such as USB sticks.
  • Businesses who don’t follow the regulations can be fined millions of pounds in serious cases.

How do the new data rules affect you?

The new rules surrounding data protection means that businesses need to be more cautious and ensure that all confidential data is disposed of securely when it is no longer needed.

It is at the best interest of a business to dispose of confidential documents, hard drives and electronics through Shred Base to avoid fines and be secure. 

Once all items are disposed of Shred Base will provide you with certificates of destruction. In the event that you are investigated, you can prove that you have securely disposed of the confidential materials. 

What is offered by Shred Base? 

Shred Base offers shredding at its secure premises (off-site shredding) and also offers shredding at your site when possible (on-site shredding).

In addition to shredding paper documents, Shred Base also offers hard drive and electronic destruction. 

Shred Base gives you a Certificate of Destruction once the items are shredded so that your business knows what has happened with the confidential waste.

Shredding the documents yourself is a timely matter. Not to mention, you have to deal with the noise and the mess it makes. Shredders take up space and money as they need to be maintained.

Once you have shredded the items yourself, you must recycle it in compliance with the Waste Management Regulations.

Instead of going through all of this hassle use Shred Base. 


Shred Base provides a cost effective GDPR compliant secure off-site shredding service. For more information on it and our other services you can call us at 01207 521515 or email us at info@shredbase.co.uk