Why our off-site shredding service is an advantage to you

Off-site shredding refers to the service of having your documents and other confidential items collected and shredded at our site.

A major advantage of choosing off-site shredding is that it saves you a large amount of time. It allows you to carry on running your business without the hassle of thinking about how you will dispose of the confidential information.

At Shred Base, confidential waste is dealt with securely and our off-site shredding allows you to keep your data protected and in compliance with the law.

Did you know that it is illegal to put confidential documents in with ordinary recycling? This means that any documents containing names, home addresses, email addresses, banking information, medical information, insurance numbers, personnel records and letters of discipline are all subject to you being subjected to fines that could cost you millions.

Not to mention, the business would also be putting its reputation at risk.


Main reasons why Shred Base’s off-site shredding is beneficial



  • Shred Base does the shredding, so your staff can continue working


At Shred Base we understand your staff’s time is important. Instead of dedicating a large amount of time having staff shred the documents individually, allow us to take care of it for you. It is a lot faster passing the confidential waste to us. In addition, your staff can spend their time being more productive with your business’ main needs.



  • Shred Base Provides lockable wheelie bins, lockable cabinets and bags to organise your confidential waste


Confidential waste needs to be securely stored before it is shredded. This information should not be left out in the open for people to get their hands on. This is why we have different options and price points to fit your needs. Whether it be a one-off shredding service or a scheduled service. You simply select which option you would like to use and we can arrange a schedule for collection.



  • At Shred Base all documents are considered confidential


Instead of wasting precious time trying to figure out which documents are deemed to be confidential waste, have your staff place all waste documents into our secure cabinets, bins or bags and Shred Base will treat everything collected as a confidential document. This allows all documents to be securely disposed of and gives you peace of mind knowing no document has been misplaced.



  • If your company suffers a data breach you can sufficiently prove you dealt with the confidential information properly  


At Shred Base, when your confidential waste is destroyed, you are given a certificate of destruction. Thus, if there is a data breach and your business is investigated you don’t have to go through a long costly process of finding evidence. Simply having an official system put in place and the certificate of destruction allows you to prove everything is in order.



  • Your business doesn’t have to worry about waste recycling


Everything placed in our supplied lockable devices is all taken following a schedule. Meaning you no longer have to worry about scheduling for your recycling to be picked up or dropped off. This allows your business to save a great deal of time.


Shred Base provides a cost effective GDPR compliant secure off-site shredding service. For more information on it and our other services you can call us at 01207 521515 or email us at info@shredbase.co.uk