Why All Offices Need A Secure Shredding Console

In today’s world, more and more documents are created daily in office buildings that contain confidential data. This data can be used by criminals if they get their hands on it, and the consequences can be severe. Because of this, data protection laws are in place to ensure that the data, whether it be on paper, hard drives or anything else, is destroyed in a secure manner.
Many companies however, still do not have the correct procedures in place to make this happen. It would be unfeasible to expect all employees to stand and use small office shredders to destroy everything, it would take far too long, and they would be wasting time where they could be doing their normal work. Because of this, the confidential data needs somewhere to go, that is secure, looks fine in an office environment, and is easy to use. This is where Shred Base’s secure shredding consoles come in!

The consoles look like any other piece of office furniture, except they have a small post box opening in the top, for employees to place their documents in that need destroying. The cabinets also come with secure locks, making it hard for anyone to gain access to the information, and also to stop it accidentally opening and exposing the data.

The shredding consoles, or cabinets as some people like to call them, make it so much easier for employees who would otherwise not know what to do with their waste paper. Many might simply take the easy option and throw it into regular office waste bins, breaching many GDPR and data protection laws. With the consoles however, they can quickly and easily dispose of them in a secure manner.

Then when the console becomes full, Shred Base will come and empty it, before securely transferring it to one of our on-site mobile shredding trucks to shred there. Or we will transport it back to our main depot, where it will be shredded.