Documents People Forget To Shred

Most people in today’s world understand the risk of people using our information, but still do little to stop the wrong people easily gaining access to it. Most people will shred bank documents, and bills because they know that they have financial information on. However there are lots of other documents that you should also look to have securely destroyed.

Sometimes people will look at their paper waste and think that it does not contain enough data for a fraudster to use, however all that person has to do is acquire enough data that they can piece together. It becomes a jigsaw puzzle for them, and often all the pieces are left not shredded, and easily accessible for them. Companies and individuals in Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland, and across the North East can all use Shred Base’s secure shredding services to help alleviate this risk.

Documents that should be shredded, that are often overlooked, include:


Prescriptions contain all sorts of private information about an individual. Often you will see a full name, an address, who their doctor is, what the drug is, and so much more. This can enable fraudsters to order refills, or even other drugs that they should not have access to, in your name.


CVs contain all sorts of information that a fraudster could use. They can see your past job history, where you went to school or university, and your address among other things. This would be a great place for them to start building your digital identity, and pretend that they are you to access other things.

Travel Information

Anytime a criminal knows what your travel plans are, you put yourself at great risk. An itinerary on your next holiday might not seem very suspect, but it tells people the exact dates you will not be at your address. This gives someone the perfect opportunity to break into your address, and steal a lot more valuable items.

Clearly even the smallest pieces of information in today’s world can compromise your identity. Shred Base can offer Onsite shredding and offsite shredding to suit all needs, and help eliminate the risk of your paper waste from helping criminals.