Uniform Destruction Service

Uniform Destruction Explained

Brand security is more important than ever in today’s world, meaning it is more important than ever that branded uniforms do not end up in the wrong hands. If the garments do end up with the wrong people, they can be used fraudulently bringing great harm to the brand and others. For this reason it is essential that branded workwear is destroyed and shredded in a secure manner, eliminating any potential risk of it being reused.

Shred Base is able to offer this secure garment destruction service at some of the most affordable prices in the industry, collecting uniform and work wear from you, before taking it to our secure depot to be destroyed.

At our depot, all items are unloaded into our warehouse, before going through our industrial shredder. The shredded product is then completely unusable and is baled up. All shredding is in line with our BS EN 15713 certification for the Secure destruction and disposal of materials.

It is not only uniforms that we can destroy, but also old ID cards and any other products that might contain your brands information.


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