Product Destruction

Product Destruction

Shred Base has a range of heavy-duty industrial shredders that can destroy end of line goods, product samples, uniforms, ID cards, clothing, textiles and many other products. Our accredited product destruction secures the integrity of your brand and ensures that your redundant products cannot reappear on the marketplace.

Shred Base can also carry out bulk affordable textile and uniform destruction.

Our five-acre secure compound has over forty thousand square feet under cover and is equipped with the latest industrial shredding machines that can destroy most products. Shred Base carries out product destruction for companies of all sizes across the UK. This waste product destruction can be carried out onsite with one of our mobile shredding trucks or the goods can be removed and destroyed at our premises.

Products that can be destroyed are:

  • Out of date goods and products
  • End of line clothing
  • Textiles and uniforms
  • Faulty goods and products
  • Excess stock
  • Counterfeit goods – examples are designer clothing, sunglasses, toys, textiles, CD’s and other high value fake products
  • Old ID cards, uniforms, security passes
  • Digital media that can include credit cards, hard drives and other products that may contain confidential information
  • Electronic goods and equipment, computers, TV’s

Once the products have been destroyed Shred Base will try to recycle the destroyed items whenever possible before issuing a Certificate of Destruction. Many waste companies will simply dump your waste in landfill, meaning it could even be reused if someone decided they wanted to. This as well as not being very secure is not environmentally friendly either.

Speak to one of our highly trained shredding specialists to let them advise you about our product destruction and textile and uniform shredding services.

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