Paper Shredding

Secure Paper Shredding

For your secure paper shredding needs, look no further than Shred Base. We service many different industries and customers throughout the United Kingdom, from our main depot in the North East, just off the A1 close to Durham and Newcastle.

Whether you are a small builders merchant looking for your paper shredding in a secure and costly manner, or a large accountancy firm, we have solutions to help you.

All paper shredded by Shred Base is recycled in someway, usually ending up as a consumer product that you might even reuse yourself.

We deal with many different kinds of paper shredding, and it is not all confidential. Some companies are conscious that they would like to see their paper recycled, as the world looks to go greener and more environmentally friendly. Other companies however have a lot of sensitive confidential data, that would cause great harm to individuals if it was to end up in the wrong hands. We offer the perfect solution for them, as we are able to both shred it on-site for them to see, or back at our depot where it is also securely destroyed.

No job is too big or small. We regularly have households call in and ask for one or two bags to be destroyed, that same vehicle that collects can then go to the next job where they can shred several tonnes of paper for a client.

All shredding is carried out in line with BS EN 7858, and we also have BS EN 15713 certification for the Secure destruction and disposal of materials.

Call us today on 01207 521 515 for your paper shredding needs, or fill in the form.

Contact Shred Base today for your paper shredding needs. We offer:

On-site mobile paper shredding in our secure wagons

Off-site paper shredding at our secure depot

Regular or one off paper shredding

Secure chain of custody

Certificate of destruction

Secure lockable consoles and/or bins to place your paper

Collection by uniformed, security vetted employees

We can shred paper, uniforms, hard-drives, records, archives, lever arch binders, plus much more

GDPR compliant