Off-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding is where Shred Base will come to your business or home in one of our secure vehicles. We will pick up your confidential data, paper, hard disks, cd’s, tapes, electronic media, magnetic media or whatever else you may need securely destroyed. Our offsite shredding service can also handle bulk waste destruction.

Then we transport it back to our accredited home depot where it will be destroyed in a secure and safe manner. Our home site is constantly monitored with CCTV surveillance, meaning that we can even provide footage of your sensitive waste being destroyed. This method is very cost effective, affordable and still very secure.

The process is very simple:

  1. Call. You will speak to a member of our specialist team to work out when you would like your confidential data collected. Whether you would like to make it a regular scheduled pickup, or just a one off. We will be happy to come and collect your confidential information, whether it be confidential documents, lever arch files, textiles, hard drives, branded goods, personal files and so much more.
  2. Pick Up. Your confidential waste will be collected by a uniformed, security vetted member of our team, in one of our secure and GPS tracked vehicles. You will be issued with a Waste Transfer Note detailing the quantity of confidential waste that we are taking away to destroy.
  3. Destruction. Your confidential waste will be returned to our home depot, where it will be securely destroyed in a timely manner. All members of our professional team are security vetted, and the warehouse is under constant CCTV surveillance to heighten our security methods.
  4. Destruction Certificate. When all of your materials are destroyed, we will issue you a certificate of destruction. This is a requirement for anyone destroying confidential data, to show that you took the required steps.
  5. Recycling. The shredded paper waste will be baled up and then sent to a paper mill for recycling. Other destroyed non-paper items will be sent for recycling or to a waste to energy incinerator for final disposal.

If you would rather the certified shredding took place on your corporate site, please visit our on-site shredding page. Here one of our mobile shredders will visit your company.

Speak to one of our highly trained shredding specialists to let them advise you on what services are suitable for you, providing you with a cost-effective quote.

If you would like more information on the importance of shredding for GDPR requirements, we recommend you visit the ICO website.

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