Hazardous Waste Collection In Carlisle

Some of the Chemical Waste Disposal and Hazardous Waste Collection Services we offer in Carlisle:

  • Carlisle Waste Oil Collection and Disposal
  • Carlisle Contaminated Fuel Collection and Disposal
  • Carlisle Chemical Collection and Disposal
  • Carlisle Solvent Collection and Disposal
  • Carlisle Anti Freeze Collection and Disposal
  • Carlisle Line Flushing Services
  • Battery Collection and Disposal in Carlisle
  • Chemical Grade Oil Collection and Disposal in Carlisle
  • Machinery Oil Collection and Disposal in Carlisle
  • Heat Transfer Oils and Fluids Collection and Disposal in Carlisle
  • Acid and Alkali Collection and Disposal in Carlisle
  • Vegetable Oil and Fats Collection and Disposal in Carlisle
  • Hazardous Waste Management Carlisle
  • Carlisle Bund Area Cleaning

Hazardous waste is notoriously hard for companies to dispose of in a safe and secure manner in Carlisle, and Shred Base is at the forefront in helping businesses throughout the area with the collection, removal and disposal.

Whether it is hazardous waste collection, hazardous waste disposal, pesticides, chemical waste, waste oil, waste thinners, waste fuel and so much more, we will have a solution to help.

We also offer an industrial service package to help with the cleaning of grease traps, interceptors and most other storage tanks in the area. Confined entry cleaning is offered with full BA as required. Any waste that is generated, we can then recover and transport back to our facility.

All staff are fully trained with extensive experience in hazardous waste recovery & disposal. We ensure that we are always fully compliant with the law and current legislation, using the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods.

Non hazardous waste streams are generally very easy to deal with in Carlisle, however most industrial businesses also create hazardous waste, that needs to be handled in the correct manner, and there are very few companies in the region with the resources to deal with it.

Carlisle Hazardous Waste Must Be Handled With Care – These waste streams can cause serious harm and damage if it is not dealt with correctly. This harm can be both to people and the environment, which is why skilled employees are necessary with the correct equipment.

Carlisle Hazardous Waste Must Be Disposed of Correctly – There are many strict laws in place to make sure that this hazardous waste does not end up in the wrong place. Failure to comply can have serious consequences. Large areas of Carlisle could be greatly affected by certain materials if it were to be disposed of incorrectly.


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