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Secure document disposal is becoming more important than ever in today’s world, with so many people looking to steal and fraudulently use confidential data. The days of being able to throw out paper documents with the general waste are gone, as even the smallest piece of personally identifiable data can be used against you. Think of it like a jig saw puzzle, with the fraudsters slowly finding the different pieces to build an image they can use to pretend they are you.

When people think of having their documents disposed of, they typically only think of confidential documents that might contain what you consider to be sensitive data. But even just an old letter with your address on can be used against you, which is why it is so important to destroy all paper with anything on containing personal or business information.


Our commercial shredders can easily destroy large volumes of documents in a short space of time, leaving the documents unrecognisable. After the documents have been shredded and disposed of, all paper is recycled. The paper typically ends up becoming tissue paper.

We are able to offer document disposal both on-site at your office, or off-site where we collect your documents and return to our secure depot to shred them.

All of our services are cost effective and affordable, and will be carried out by well-trained, security-vetted members of staff. This helps keep the process very simple and secure. Whether you are moving corporate offices, have a large number of archive boxes to destroy, you are moving house, or have just accumulated a large volume of items that need shredding, Shred Base can help.

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