Hotels & Hospitality Shredding

The hotel and hospitality industries both deal with a lot of customer records, and often it is the front desk employees handling this information. It is very important that these staff have somewhere easy and secure to dispose of this confidential data, to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

If you are found to be disposing of information such as booking forms, guest itineraries, boarding passes, financial information, conference room bookings, hotel HR documents, credit card slips, customer receipts, guest personal records and so much more you could be in serious breach of the law. That is why it is so important to partner with the right company to securely destroy this information.

Shred Base can provide secure bins and cabinets for staff to easily dispose of the documents, before a member of our staff arrives to securely destroy the waste. We can destroy anything from room keys, cardboard, hard drives, magnetic media, confidential documents to old uniforms and many other items.

Services that Shred Base provide to the hotel and hospitality industries:

Hotel On-Site Mobile Shredding Service

We bring one of our mobile shredding vehicles to your hotel

Hotel Off-Site Shredding Service

We provide your hotel with an off site document destruction service

Hotel One-Off Shredding Service 

We offer a clear out service of your hotel’s confidential waste

Hotel Regular Shredding Service

We service your hotel on a regular schedule with our certified secure shredding service

Hotel Hard Drive and Media Destruction

We destroy guests’ personal information that may be on hard drives and magnetic media

Hotel Product Destruction

Our shredders can destroy hotel employee ID cards, old uniforms, badges and even casino chips

All hotel confidential waste shredding is carried out in line with EN 15713 the European Standard for Information Destruction.

Speak to one of our highly trained shredding specialists to let them advise you about our document and data destruction services for the hotel and hospitality industry.

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