Recycling Services

Shred Base specialises in the recovery and recycling of paper products, whether it be office paper waste, cardboard, printers waste, or so much more. We aim to recycle 100% of all paper that enters our warehouse, using the latest equipment and systems in the industry.

Whether your paper documents contain confidential information, or if it is just printers waste with no sensitive data on, we will shred it with the same secure process.

We can collect from your site, offering bulk clear outs, or regular serviced pickups to suit any needs. We also have the ability to shred at your site in our mobile shredding wagons, before returning to our depot to process the shredded materials.

Shred Base ensure that we meet all regulations and requirements in the industry, always maintaining high levels of customer service and security. We are able to provide secure cabinets, secure bins, and skips depending on the size of the job.

We can also shred and recycle numerous other products, they can include uniforms, textiles, hard-drives and so much more.

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