GDPR Shredding Services

After coming into effect in May 2018, the new GDPR laws have completely changed the way companies are having to deal with their confidential data. This can include receipts, payslips, invoices, contracts, financial records, and so much more that needs shredding securely.

A lot of companies have previously shredded these documents on site, however the new laws make this much harder to do. Companies now need to produce a certificate of destruction once the documents have been shredded, creating a full paper trail to prove they were destroyed. At Shred Base we can do all of this for you.

The documents that need shredding, also need to be stored securely before they are shredded. Shred Base can provide secure office cabinets and bins for your employees to place documents that need shredding, stopping them going into general waste streams and falling into the wrong hands.

The GDPR fines can be massive under the new laws, with two levels. The first is up ten million euros or 2% of annual revenue, the second is up to twenty million euros or 4% of annual revenue.

By outsourcing your shredding, you are eliminating a major part of your risk, as long as you follow the correct protocol for disposing of your confidential data, and use a reputable company.

Shred Base has the capability to shred at your premises in our on-site mobile shredding vehicle, where you can witness the destruction take place. Or we can take it back to our secure compound to be shredded, in one of our high security shredding vehicles. All of our customers have access to an online portal where they can view all their destruction certificates and so much more.

Shred Base can also come in and help educate employees on the necessary steps they need to take to be compliant with GDPR. A lot of people still do not understand the severity of the fines, and it can just take one document that should have been shredded that gets picked up of the street, to severely impact a business. We try and simplify the process with a three step method of, ‘Use it, Secure it, Destroy it.’ So your employee will use the document or data for whatever they need, then have it locked away securely in a cabinet or bin, then we will come and destroy it.

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