Many shredding companies today have very little experience in the industry, and focus more on waste management than secure document disposal. These companies do not have the systems in place to safely and securely handle confidential documents, whilst also trying to manage vast amounts of general waste. Because of this, there is a great risk that waste that should be shredded, is not.

Our shredding company is made up of a team of industry veterans, who became alarmed at the decreasing standards of service and security in the industry. We make it our goal to provide highly secure, affordable, shredding services for your confidential data and business shredding needs.


Customer Service

Our customer service is something we take great pride in, and we ensure that all of our teams are knowledgeable and friendly. We want all of our interactions to be a pleasant experience, whether it be with our friendly drivers collecting bins, or our call staff explaining the many services we offer.


We believe that it is advantageous for our customers to see how we operate, so we invite all clients to watch their documents be destroyed in person. Whether it be on one of our mobile wagons, or back at our home depot. This helps give a clear understanding of what we do, and why our systems of process are what we believe are the best in the industry. No corners will ever be cut, and this not only relates to your security needs, but also the safety and well being of all of our staff.


All of our staff are fully vetted, making sure that they are responsible enough to handle your confidential documents and products. Not only that, but we also only use the latest secure modern vehicles to collect and/or destroy your data.


A huge goal of ours is to ensure that  0% of items that we shred go to landfill. Whether it be paper, plastics, folders, uniforms, CD ROMs, hard drives, and so much more. The environment is something we take great pride in. This is another reason we use modern vehicles to keep our CO2 footprint as small as possible.